The Northridge community will begin its election on September 6, 2013 at Northridge middle school. The Northridge council was the first in the region to vote and is famous for the film and television business that shoots in its location. Productions are made in proximity to major studios.

The LA police department works two police stations that serve in Northridge. The population reaches approximately, 57,561 and contains a high percentage of whites and Asians in the county.

The board members of the South Northridge community council include Chris Sales, president of the council and Judi Greenberg, who is Vice President. The MSNC committee meeting will be held this Monday, February 11 to discuss specific issues of concern in the Northridge community.

Over the years, Northridge has been a popular place for the film and television business to shoot location productions due to its close proximity to the major studios.

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