South Northridge community, February 9, 2013

Road Repair in the May 21 Ballot

     The City Council, Tuesday responded to the brawl by Neighborhood Councils and community activists and prepared to put a $3 billion road repair bond measure on the upcoming ballot.


       Many neighborhood councils, such as the Board of Neighborhood Commissioner and the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils made resolutions in permission to extend a 60 day period to repair the road bond proposal for city residents to have the chance to participate.

        Members of the Council Mitch Englander and Joe Buscaino that sponsored the bond set the ballot in placement for May 21. The bond issue, called the largest infrastructure proposal in the country that would repair 8,000 miles of city streets.   

      Council members persisted on this issue to get resolved. The committee will hold public meeting in various parts of the city.



Persian New Year and the Start of Spring

       An exciting Persian New Year took place at Cal State University of Northridge with the help of students from the Iranian Student Association all joined to celebrate the beginning of spring. 

        The event symbolized Persian culture, traditional music, dancing and a comedic skit at USU’s Plaza del Sol. The Iranian Student Association shared many of the traditions practiced to the CSUN community and gathered many students, who stopped by on their rush to classes on Wednesday.

             Every year at CSUN the Iranian Student association celebrates Persian new year to raise money and promote their organization. The students of the Association bring support within the community on the subject.   



Bike Parking

        Watch out for bike spaces in your designated parking spots in Northridge communities.

            The Los Angles City Council passed a regulation that will increase the number of parking spaces for bikes. The Bike Parking Ordinance will allow new developments for both residential and commercial areas in order to trade parking spots for biking parking areas.

             Rules are placed for safety precautions in standard of bike parking. Residential building will potentially replace up to 10 percent of car spaces with bike parking. Spaces will light up and have easy access from the street.     



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