South Northridge Community, February 16, 2013

CSUN police department Fundraise K-9 unit       

The CSUN police department raised funds for the K-9 unit at a ceremony held in honor of the K-9’s who died or retired.

Members in the audience watched a new K-9, Isy join the unit and perform a search demo. The police department sold t-shirts at the event to raise the funds needed to support the costs for K-9 unit training.
CSUN police officers, on Wednesday, Feb. 13 rewarded Isy and K-9, Mitch with toys after the demo. Isy and Mitch retrieved items that officers hid in the room behind member’s chairs with narcotic substances. A video was shown to honor the new K-9’s and to remember K-9’s Dozer, who retired, and Frieda, who died.          
All of the dogs training and efforts have helped find missing people and also manage narcotic inspections on the mail that comes to faculty, students and staff on campus.

Senators reintroduce the Struggling Students Act

         CSUN students have the choice to discharge some of their student loan debt when signing up for bankruptcy protection under the fairness for Struggling Students Act.
         The Act was passed by six senators on Jan. 23, 2013 after reintroducing it in the legislature. Many students affected by student loan debts in the last year have received financial and debt problems. Student loan debt surpassing #1 trillion was a major reason in reintroducing the act, Sen. Dick Durbin said.
       Some students believe the act helps pay less on student loans. Other student’s, however feel the Struggling Students Act causes stricter qualifications on receiving student loan’s in the future.   

Daily Sundial News,

Rev. Billy Talen Speech at CSUN

At a speech in Cal State University, Northridge, Rev. Billy Talen stood in front of the USU Grand Salon Tuesday to announce his just published, “Church of Stop Shopping.”
He spoke about consumerism and activism through his years of protesting as an activist. Talen and his book are known for protesting big corporations such as Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and Chase. Most of his and his supporter’s activism created a big social change. Donations from corporations resulted in response to the protests.
Many CSUN students attended the lecture and were persuaded to act on social issues in their communities. Talen highlighted the importance of a strong division of power and control residing in an individual to make a difference.


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