Northridge Community updates, Feb. 23, 2013

Dukakis and the 2012 election.


Former Massachusetts Gov. Dukakis stood in front of the grand salon at Cal State University of Northridge to announce how public service has affected the national community.

Many students and faculty members attended the event Tuesday. Dukakis was a Democratic nominee, who lost to President George H. W. Bush in the running election. Dukakis, currently teaches for students in the K-12 education program. He spoke about the policies President Obama made in his presidential term.

            Dukakis view’s of grass roots campaigning were expressed influentially. The idea of supporting the community through grass root campaigns provides environmental concerns to specific issues.   

            President Obama’s new immigration policy and Obama care were discussed. Both policies’ developed a national community and supported the views of grass root campaigning. Obama care lends money to the national government to support the healthcare reform in its efforts to reduce the costs of healthcare insurance for all citizens. 



Emergency Earthquake Alert system


            Cal State University of Northridge sets interest in a new earthquake alert system that is supported by an $80 million state funding.

            The 1994 Northridge earthquake left many damages and repair costs for the community. At Padilla’s Caltech news conference Senator Alex Padilla proposed to implement the system. Padilla is introducing legislation to fund the plan for proficient emergency preparations.

            The California Integrated Seismic Network contains 1,000 stations with underground sensors installed across the coast. The funding will promote the stations for an adequate alerting system. All Residents in California will also receive a 60 second warning, text message in alert to an earthquake.


The KlotzHealthCenter shares Plans


Student resources PrideCenter at CSUN have developed support for transgender related health concerns by having endocrinologist’s at the KlotzHealthCenter.

Students uncomfortable with their gender will have the opportunity to speak with a counselor at CSUN. The PrideCenter provides tools for training staff members at the health center on how to communicate with transgender students.

University counseling services also provides counseling sessions to transgender students and students unsure about their gender. Specialists who assist in regular procedures of transgender hormone therapy offer new services for students at CSUN.


For more information, Link:









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