Northridge Highlights

The People’s Pledge


This February, Los Angeles City Council candidate for the 13th District signed the People’s Pledge and recommended people to join the grassroots campaign.

Josh Post, an attorney made a promise to deny third party contributions. Post leads a grassroots campaign. His campaign gathers public service support through public contribution.

            The People’s Pledge makes up to $700 for every contribution and prevents third party contributors from gaining access. 

Post and Eric Garcetti, another candidate for the City Council signed the People’s Pledge. Garcetti presented Post and other L.A. council candidates with the new development.


“Define American” speech at Cal State University of Northridge


Jose Antonio Vargas, an immigrant rights activist and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist spoke to many people on Tuesday on “Define American” a national tour.


            Vargas, a Walshingon Post and The New Yorker journalist writes and gives speeches about his experience as an immigrant living in the U.S. His speech involved immigration reform with significant emphasis on the word “illegal aliens” and American.  

            Vargas mentioned President Obama’s immigration policy program and its disadvantages. For example, many students are increasingly getting deported for illegally entering the U.S. Vargas persuaded many students to become active in the cause.


New Traffic Signal in installation


            A new traffic signal is being installed at the intersection of Reseda Boulevard and Dearborn Street after a hit-and-run accident left a woman injured.

            The hit-and-run accident took place on Sept. 12, 2012 includes many in the past two years. Many reported accidents and citations involved not yielding to pedestrians at the intersection. The intersection is located off campus and is under administration of the LAPD.

Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander of the 12th District emphasizes his concern on the public safety. Traffic signals approximately cost between $150,000 and $300,000 to install.





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