Northridge Community, March 9, 2013

Apple ipads

             CSUN faculty members debate on innovating Apple ipads into classes for regular discussions and group activities.

            President Dianne F. Harrison at the faculty meeting mentioned the idea to staff members. Harrison’s idea involved integration of ipads into classroom activities and the Course Redesign institute, a summer program to prepare CSUN staff members for the new environment.

The ipad initiative replaces textbooks and charges students $75 for an ipad rent plan. Ipads will develop new technology skills for students, Harrison said. One argument in the debate was ipads possibly distracting students from class objectives.

            Many of the apple ipads provide educational applications and resources that helps students find information in class.For more information follow:



Los Angeles Mayoral Frontrunners


Eric Garceti, Los Angeles Mayoral candidate received $4 million and Greuel, another candidate received $2.5 million from interest groups.

             Greuel’s main concerns involve environment issues on the Department of Water and Power. She has five major interest groups supporting funds for climate changes. Contributions from individuals spent $1.7 million to support research and to make television advertisements.

            Garcetti receives support from one interest group called Lots of People Who Support Garcetti for Mayor 2013. The California Law and Order Independent Expenditure Committee is an interest group that supports Gruels’ campaign with $333,562 to produce television advertisements and to create polls. /p>

CSUN Alumna Discusses Finance

Sue Herera, CSUN alumna and co-anchor of CNBC news discussed financial matters and her experience in her career on Thursday at the Valley Performing Arts Center.

Herera worked at Financial News Network (FNN) and learned how the market operates. Herera covered the 1987 market crash and covered the events of Wall Street. She explained the issues of financial crisis’s in her experience. She received a position at CNBC after leaving FNN.

At CSUN, Herera put the 2008 financial crisis in viewpoint from her experience covering the 1987 stock market crash.



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