Northridge, March 16, 2013

Better Access For upcoming Elections

 Sen. Fran Pavley introduced the California State Senate with the 267 bill that would give students quick access to polling places during elections.

 Pavley graduated from CSUN with a master’s degree in environment planning. With the support of local election officials the bill makes sure that all students have access to voting booths on their university’s campus.

 The bill would need counties, such as UC, CSU including community colleges to have their own election polling places on campus. Students find the bill convenient in consideration that their polling places are miles away from their campus.

 A pass of the bill 267 will not have student financially reliable for the polling places held on campus.

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Violence Against Women Act

 Violent crimes have decreased 65 percent since President Obama announced that he would authorize the Violence Against Women Act on March 7, which would include the protection of gays, lesbians, transgender people and immigrants.

 The VAWA act provides funding to shelters including battered women shelters, resources, investigations and prosecutions of various violence crimes.

 The VAWA act received support from the House of Representatives Feb. 28 with the vote of 87 republicans and 199 democrats to pass the bill.

 Vice President and senator of Delaware, Joe Biden in 1994 composed the bill, which was supported by dual reinforcement by the Senate. The bill did not include gays, lesbians and immigrants.


Expiration on CSUN Elevators

 Many elevator permits at CSUN read expiration dates as early as September 2011 while the precise expiration dates for the permits are June 2013 costing the university fines for thousands of dollars.

 People may expect they’re riding an elevator at their convince while the new permits are not yet posted. The elevators are under inspection for security purposes and would operate in extension of a number of days to correct the expiration date. CSUN could encounter $1,000 per elevator if a permit is not posted with the Elevator Safety Orders, Peter Melton spokesperson said.

 The new elevator permits validate safety, updates and are placed in the PPM office waiting for placement, Chet Galland, associate director said.



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