Northridge Community, April 20, 2013

Horse Mornings Program


The Healing Equine Ranch in Agoura Hills at 9:30 a.m. led eight women through a meditation Monday morning.


Horse Mornings, a program offered at the ranch supports the interactions between humans and horses at the ranch. The program offers an opportunity for members to develop interpersonal relationship skills, communication skills and business relationship skills. Participants observe horses in their herd setting at the beginning of the program and identify with the qualities of a sufficient herd leader.


The members of the program can choose the horses they want to work with and build a connection with their horse through adapting to the different ways of communicating with them as well as dealing with different situations to their natural life. Pressure are released and created between the horse and the person based off of personal boundaries and the horse’s personality during meditation.     


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CSUN professor Joan Baca visited a class of third graders at Wisdom Academy for Young Scientists in South Central that made a class book.  


Kaylie Gomez, their teacher has been at Wisdom Academy for a year and graduated from CSUN in 2011 with a multiple-subject teaching credential. Wisdom Academy is a charter school with a total of nine classrooms on the campus. Gomez and class are publishing a book in May inspired by Louis Sachar’s “Sideways Stories from Wayside School.”


For each writing assignment, the students write their own chapter in the book and exaggerate something about themselves. Similarly, each chapter in the “Sideways from Wayside School” refers to a student in ‘Mrs. Jules Class.’


Baca was a former student of Gomez in the teaching credential program at CSUN and remains in contact with the alumna.

 New California Senate Bill

A California State Senate legislator has proposed a bill that would let students take more online classes in public schools. Some students and faculty however do not support the bill.

 Senate President Darrell Steinberg has proposed a new Senate bill, which would add 50 of the most lower division courses in the CSU, University of California Community Colleges that are needed for general education requirements.

 Faculty members believe that online classes are difficult for students, because they teach themselves. Many students are struggling to finish their degrees and increasing their college debt, because seats are not available for these student’s. The SB 520 allows online courses to be available to students unable to enroll in the filled courses.


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