Northridge Community, April 27, 2013

Gunman Suspect Not Found


A suspected gunman had been found leaving the Oviatt Library Thursday afternoon and started a search across CSU Northridge campus.


CSUN Police Services sent an email and text message alert at 4:40 p.m. that warned students to be aware of a man in his early 20s wearing a red T-shirt and a black jacket. He was said to have a black backpack with a gun inside.


CSUN Police detained four students who matched the description of the suspect, but no gun was found. LAPD received a call from a student who had seen the gun in the suspect’s backpack and was then transferred to CSUN police. LAPD said they would not send officers unless authorized by CSUN police.


As the search for the suspect started, classes were in session. Students were evacuated from the Oviatt Library and dismissed from their classes for emergency procedure. A final notice at 7:24 p.m. from CSUN police alerted the campus that the suspect was not found and no activity had occurred.   


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Fagbug Activism


Erin Davies, a victim of vandalism had a Volkswagen that was spray-painted with the word, “fag” on it in Albany New York in 2007 and turned the hate crime into a statement that she would spread across the nation.


Fagbug and Davies’ made a visit at CSUN on Wednesday, for a lecture and survey organized by the USU Pride Center. Davies spoke about the hate crimes throughout the United States and Canada regarding the LGBTQ community while presenting the story of her fagbug.


Davies has focused on activism as a solution to the issue and led the public to be aware of the prejudices and acts of discrimination. Daives plans to travel to all 50 United States by the end of this year. Her supporters from Kickstarter and Facebook helped develop the organization.


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CSU Northridge Campus Emergency Code


For the safety of students at CSU Northridge CSUN Police Department gives emergency protocols on their website for students, faculty and staff.


Many students were concerned and felt more secure being notified of the emergency alert warning yesterday. The “Emergency Desk Reference” on the CSUN Police website gets students prepared in case of an emergency and recommends a procedure for emergency situations.


Many of the students received messages on their phones, emails and even Facebook of the evacuation at the Oviatt Library. The Reference page allows students to update their contact information for an emergency.








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