Opinion Piece on License Plate Scanners October 21, 2013

License Plate Scanners

LAPD has recently tried to incorporate technology improvements for public

safety in the city of Northridge and Los Angeles, with a new license plate surveillance

camera that sits on top of their patrol cars.

With increased technology developments police officers are capable of relocating

drivers on the road rather than simply pulling them over the old-fashioned way.

LAPD has integrated license plate automated scanners that immediately monitors

and recognizes a driver’s plate number. The new license plate recognition is an

installed database that can also locate stolen vehicles and track wanted felons. It

recognizes different license plates’ that provide police officers to criminal background

records and identity verification.

The license plate monitoring system automatically captures an image of the

vehicles license plate and transforms the image into visible characters of database that

alert officers when a vehicle of interest has been spotted.

Suggested strategies to enhance technology and improve public safety include

placing surveillance cameras within high-crime areas. Security surveillance cameras that

protect private properties shows dispatch review video footages of criminal activities

prior to going to a residence.

In addition, High-crime neighborhoods are easily detected under the camera

surveillance systems and many law enforcement agencies can adopt automated license

plate recognition technologies to help gather further investigations.

License plate scanners use infrared cameras that immediately connect to the

technology’s software, which allows police to monitor in harsh weather conditions and

varied lighting.

New software technology has reached a high development that includes new

smart phone apps, which provide police officers with information to gun registration

records, traffic accident reports as well as criminal records. The app shows LAPD the

specific location of an incident and allows NYPD officers to get surveillance images

from cameras in their area.


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