SeaWorld and Southwest Airlines end promotional marketing August 6, 2014

SeaWorld and Southwest Airlines end promotional marketing
By Negin Daneshfar
August 6, 2014

Southwest Airlines and SeaWorld have decided to stop their relationship after the film “Blackfish” caused a public commotion.

The promotional marketing that began in 1988 with Southwest Airlines and SeaWorld will end this year from a petition on that raised more than 30,000 signatures.

“Blackfish” is a critically acclaimed 2013 documentary about SeaWorld orca whale habitat in the story of an orca whale who kills a trainer in 2010 and which has captivated all people over the country to boycott SeaWorld.

Trainer, Dawn Brancheau, who was drowned by a 12,000 lb. orca whale called, Tilikum at SeaWorld in Orlando was captured in the late 1980’s in Iceland and has killed three whale trainers.

The film airs frequently on CNN since 2013 and has gained public awareness on the treatment of orcas in captivity.

SeaWorld has rescued over 23,000 animals and has captured 185 injured seals, dolphins and whales in 2014. A “lethagric” and dehydrated 133 lb. northern elephant seal was rescued at La Jolla Cove. About 70% of the marine mammals cared for at SeaWorld are sent back to the wild, according to a Kusi News article published on July 31, 2014.

In “Blackfish” SeaWorld orca whale, ex-whale trainers and scientists talk about SeaWorld’s orcas taken from their families to live in small, concrete pools spending hours at the surface logging instead of swimming freely as they do in natural habitat.

SeaWorld responded to CNN with the campaign, “69 Reasons You Shouldn’t Believe
‘Blackfish’” which claimed “Blackfish” an animal rights propaganda and claimed most of the footage to be inaccurate, according to Daily News.

California lawmakers have proposed the “Orca Welfare and Health Act,” which acts on ending the staging of orca whales and captivity of orcas for entertainment illegal.

There are 11 SeaWorld’s all across the United States and if the bill passes, SeaWorld in San Diego would have to give up 10 of its orcas held in captivity. However, they must first be trained to go back into the wild.

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