Design Cover-Advertisment for skydiving classes

Negin Daneshfar

May 15, 2016


The design cover theme is skydiving. The cover attracts a large audience, because it offers new deals to people that are interested and professional skydivers.

Skydiving sport fans are the target audience for Jump Start. One story idea is that it adds skydiving photographs in the magazine. The photographs of sky divers acrobatic moves provides pictures of different techniques or styles a skydiver uses. Jump Start as the heading sets a mood to turn to the next page. Another story idea includes class sessions offered to beginners on what and how to prepare for skydiving.

The design shows a skydiver and someone attached to him or her with the sky as the background. Continuation of the skydiver and the lines are in form of composition and shape to each other. A contrast between the clouds and horizon establish depth in the background, which shows the shadow of the person attached to the skydiver. The moment captured is implied, because it does not move the eye and the image and person’s still. Selectivity is a cognitive element shown in the cover design, because the middle of the picture with the skydiver captures the eye.

The spatiality and balance tie together between the composition and text positioned. Aligned in columns with each other, all subheads to texts fulfill space. Space was taken up through defining contrast and blending colors.

The headings font is size 60, Rockwell condensed at a wrap text- bulge justified in the center. The texts including the one at the bottom-right. Directly across, is justified to the left in text. Both have a font size of 30. On top, justified to the left includes the text, “Class sessions” at a font size of 48, and the texts font type is gills sans. The color of the heading blends with the dark blue at the top (behind the heading) and the cool colors in the background match to set mood. The color of the clouds are green and blue set at contrast and saturation. The size of the design cover is 7 by 8 and the artwork was found online; Google.


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