Women Hold Up Half the Sky Exhibit

Negin Daneshfar

May 15, 2016

Women Hold Up Half the Sky

Skirball Cultural Center- Runs Through May 20 (open every day but Monday.)

Entering the museum various art pieces were spread out within surrounding. There were visual arts and sounds that symbolized specific stories of women encountering gender-based social injustices such as sex trafficking, violence and maternal mortality while expressing the strife of struggle portrayed in signs of hope for female victims stripped from human civil rights. Many of these messages of women inequality in various international countries were constructed through art pieces. For example, maternal morality issues a concern for countries such as the Philippines that don’t have surgeons to provide aid in delivery services, abandoning the mother and child in risk and likelihood of death. Population decrease in maternal and infant mortality were displayed on the walls, which set a message of the decrease in economy and distribution of resources for certain countries, which were conveyed through a wish wave that occupied most of the ceiling and wall with 1,000’s of circles bubbled in each for mothers and children to wish them survival. This message created in order to promote change necessary for these countries to expand out of poverty, into innovation and receive resources such as education and health care. Supporting half the population provides a better economy, because more consumers included providing a higher economy. For example, stories were told on women who made crops to receive money for their families and children while men spent all their money on alcohol while beating them evidently showing the better decisions that women make and their distribution in resources for the population. The purpose for both these examples, messages were to inform the audience that women can make a difference and to persuade public viewers to awareness and into action.

The medium of this particular art piece pertained to a quilt with a women in white laid down, restless with blue as the color in the background symbolizing the sky. The colors grabbed attention contrasting the image of the woman laid down designed a fluent flow of contrast in texture of the blue sky, background. The vibrant colors and the picture of the woman laid down came into picture of the related issues with certain countries like India and the Philippines, its image symbolized inequality rights of women; the display of the woman was part of the sky while the example of the “wish wave” expressed how women were sinking in empowerment and survival.

The purpose of the, “wish wave” example was to persuade viewers to awareness and into action in order to promote change. One civil right that’s taken away from women in these countries is birth control rights and birth control methods that are not available to them. There’s no healthy environment for women and therefore society itself get’s a glimpse of this. If issues are solved for half the population then issues will get solved for the other half also, making the whole population in-balanced. The audience’s attention gets sold to women of various countries that are suffering gender inequality.

The point of view of the message from the “wish wave” symbolized values relating to civil rights, freedom, peace and prosperity. Some countries such as India and the Philippines need birth control methods to subside the maternal and infant mortality rates. The lifestyles represented correlate with physical abuse, violence and sex trafficking. The women express hardship and concern for the many women whose lifestyles are in fact killing them, because they don’t have civil rights to health care.

Messages were received through different mediums such as sounds from music and visual arts, which both created imagination and insight. People from different social categories such as ages, education, cultural heritage and ethnic backgrounds may resonate differently with these art pieces and with these differences in social categories individuals can reinforce ideas and knowledge to the problem possibly creating a resolution once active in public.










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