Shouldn’t students be using the computer?

Negin Daneshfar

June 16, 2016

There are many benefits to having a growing use of computer-assisted instruction in the classroom for students to have access to computer programs, which offer new fundamental methods to teaching and is a great new learning tool.

Nowadays, teachers teach there lessons through computer programs and offer group activities for students to become innovated in the learning process. Parents or other opponents may believe computer-assisted programs may take away from the classrooms environment or take away direct face to face communication. However, students can get the opportunity to learn it themselves through the use of button or click. A growing use of computer-assisted instruction in the classroom gives access to the new age of digital world’s gadgets in which it includes programs for students to communicate online and offers more online classes to get students involved, also while providing interactive lessons in the classroom.

The growing use of computer-assisted instruction in the classroom offers more online classes which get’s students involved. I took an online business communication class and most assignments included general discussions between peers on subjects, web projects and digital programs. For this class, I was assigned to improve on gaining strong business communication skills in the workplace that were not fundamentally provided already. Students can now develop a social network with their peers, which offers less work for teachers. Rather, students learn from other college peers through collaboration. For example, students can communicate one on one with peers using online programs, such as Skype as a studying tool to increase the skills needed in the workplace.

Therefore, this will keep current necessary skills up to date in the urgent need to learn quickly, efficiently and put the skills up to the test in landing a job and while building a professional background to basic learning tools. In addition, all students become involved trough online communication and essential interactive app tools. In today’s new digital age, students can also use digital gadgets, such as Ipads and Iphones outside the classroom to follow peers. Lastly, the increasing access of computer-assisted classes offers additional online classes to courses, which are not available rather than just learning what everyone else will learn in the classroom.







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