Smokey Eye Style Makeup brings an improved look away from just plain

Negin Danehsfar

July 23, 2013


Have you struggled with putting on makeup that you just called it quits? Well don’t give up there are many sexy styles to play with rather than following plain old boring directions on compact labels.

How to put on makeup can be hard and without the colors to match each shade it takes up time to blend, it just right. Sometimes mixing and matching is tricky and confusing with the very small amount of shadings there are, such as the same light colors and dark colors.

One new style of makeup placement, now trending is called, “Smokey Eye Style,” which is one of Cosmopolitan’s new favorite form of utilizing makeup to create a vibrant and bold color tone good for both nightlife and evening times.

“Smokey Eye Style” makes putting on makeup fun with light and dark color shades while giving a dramatic “cat” eye makeup look.

Mac’s makeup has a number of colorful and unique shades that tend to last longer with its high technology of minerals inside of each individual compact to help get the look you are searching for. Try messing with various shades or using one color at a time to blend in with each other.

Other trends may include a more natural tone to a person’s skin and eye color like brown colors and green for hazel eyes.

The traditional smokey eye makeup colors are dramatic black or classic grey. A popular alternative is to use less intense colors: violet, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, copper, dark green, dark blue or purple.

Follow these few easy steps to placing a shimmer color icon to multiple codes that will enhance eye color. Follow the areas to each color on eye and then start mixing. Take your time with these directions.

  1. First, color the whole area of the eye with a light color shade, maybe light brown if you have brown eyes. (Tip: Start with two basic bold colors a darker feature color and a lighter supporting color.)
  2. Apply a cream concealer over the eyelid to create a smooth base for your eye shadow.
  3. To prevent fading, pat a cream eye shadow over the concealer on your lid first and then top with a matching powder shade.
  4. Base Line: Start with the inner corner of the eye and rotate to the right with a brush and then till you reach the brow bone halfway starting with a similar protective layer in comparison to the browbone.
  5. Apply a soft black eyeliner pencil line to upper and lower inner eye area (from the inner corner to the outer corner). Then smudge gently along the lash line with a cotton bud or eyeliner brush to blend colours smoothlty.
  6. The browbone is the top layer from the base line. Dust the light eye shadow over the browbone and blend into the dark colour to soften the edges.
  7. Use the dark shade color for the shade lid in a straight line direction over the eyelid with a pointy brush.
  8. Contour crease the shade lid with another darker shade. Sweep the dark shadow over the lid and into the crease blending the colour up and outward.
  9. At the end blend in the colors with darker shades over the base as the definer.
  10. The main trick is trying using up to three or four shades of eye makeup that blend well together. One way to test prep you did a fine job is the check if eyes come out looking soft and smudgy with no lines in between.






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