Nerium Age-Defying (AD) uses medicinal herbs to treat aging skin


Nerium Age-Defying (AD) a new daily facial moisturizer includes topical ingredients of medicinal herbal remedies called plant aloe vera to prevent anti-aging and create younger healthier looking skin. 

Aloe vera is an aromatherapy special ingredient, which is an extract that comes from the nerium oleander plant’s leaves. The key ingredient is known as NAE-8 Proprietary Blend, an antioxidant that combines both Aloe leaf liquid and Nerium Oleander Leaf. The serum is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of aging and widely recognized for its skin healing properties.

Nerium oleander comes from a lavender based flower, which holds antibacterial water resistant, unscented free based-chemicals.

Clinical trials have proven to test efficiency of herbal cures for allergies, depression, prostate problems and memory loss problems. Most importantly, the product can help reduce skin cancer, damaging skin from the sun and treat burns from cancer radiation treatments, according to “The Successful Herb Gardener” by Sally Roth.

Nerium AD can relieve and soothe rough skin, reduce wrinkles acne and bagging under eyes as well as heal burns, and scrapes as an ointment gel. Nerium AD also uses natural organic remedies like antioxidants and mulit-vitamins, such as Vitamin C which helps reduce the appearance of discoloration and Vitamin E to thicken skin while making it feel healthier. Furthermore, minerals of seed oils, vegetable oils and proprietary protein connective tissues including properties of hyaluronic acid are used as a lotion moisturizer to prevent dryness and cracking irritated skin for long-lasting radiance. In other words, this moisturizer cream is non-greasy and can provide broad spectrum sunscreen protection enhancement with no SPF proof.

The skincare product has a night and day cream appliance kit favorable to all skin types. The green tea herbal antioxidant forms a hyper pigmentation to create glossy rejuvenating skin from sun damage, reducing pores and evening skin texture.

What makes this product contradicting is its oleander leaves which is one of the most poisonous landscaping plants. Nerium AD can be bought as a commercial, over-the-counter cosmetic, well used as a makeup base. Aloe Vera can be placed immediately by pealing off one spiky leaf coming from its flower that creates this cacti plant to efficiently heal damaging skin. 


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