Women Hold Up Half the Sky Exhibit

Negin Daneshfar

May 15, 2016

Women Hold Up Half the Sky

Skirball Cultural Center- Runs Through May 20 (open every day but Monday.)

Entering the museum various art pieces were spread out within surrounding. There were visual arts and sounds that symbolized specific stories of women encountering gender-based social injustices such as sex trafficking, violence and maternal mortality while expressing the strife of struggle portrayed in signs of hope for female victims stripped from human civil rights. Many of these messages of women inequality in various international countries were constructed through art pieces. For example, maternal morality issues a concern for countries such as the Philippines that don’t have surgeons to provide aid in delivery services, abandoning the mother and child in risk and likelihood of death. Population decrease in maternal and infant mortality were displayed on the walls, which set a message of the decrease in economy and distribution of resources for certain countries, which were conveyed through a wish wave that occupied most of the ceiling and wall with 1,000’s of circles bubbled in each for mothers and children to wish them survival. This message created in order to promote change necessary for these countries to expand out of poverty, into innovation and receive resources such as education and health care. Supporting half the population provides a better economy, because more consumers included providing a higher economy. For example, stories were told on women who made crops to receive money for their families and children while men spent all their money on alcohol while beating them evidently showing the better decisions that women make and their distribution in resources for the population. The purpose for both these examples, messages were to inform the audience that women can make a difference and to persuade public viewers to awareness and into action.

The medium of this particular art piece pertained to a quilt with a women in white laid down, restless with blue as the color in the background symbolizing the sky. The colors grabbed attention contrasting the image of the woman laid down designed a fluent flow of contrast in texture of the blue sky, background. The vibrant colors and the picture of the woman laid down came into picture of the related issues with certain countries like India and the Philippines, its image symbolized inequality rights of women; the display of the woman was part of the sky while the example of the “wish wave” expressed how women were sinking in empowerment and survival.

The purpose of the, “wish wave” example was to persuade viewers to awareness and into action in order to promote change. One civil right that’s taken away from women in these countries is birth control rights and birth control methods that are not available to them. There’s no healthy environment for women and therefore society itself get’s a glimpse of this. If issues are solved for half the population then issues will get solved for the other half also, making the whole population in-balanced. The audience’s attention gets sold to women of various countries that are suffering gender inequality.

The point of view of the message from the “wish wave” symbolized values relating to civil rights, freedom, peace and prosperity. Some countries such as India and the Philippines need birth control methods to subside the maternal and infant mortality rates. The lifestyles represented correlate with physical abuse, violence and sex trafficking. The women express hardship and concern for the many women whose lifestyles are in fact killing them, because they don’t have civil rights to health care.

Messages were received through different mediums such as sounds from music and visual arts, which both created imagination and insight. People from different social categories such as ages, education, cultural heritage and ethnic backgrounds may resonate differently with these art pieces and with these differences in social categories individuals can reinforce ideas and knowledge to the problem possibly creating a resolution once active in public.










Sexist or Not?

Negin Daneshfar

May 15, 2016



Gender Advertising


Advertisements are placed in magazines, television and across the web with the


average individual viewing various different forms of media a day. For example,


observing the two advertisements of ketchup found on the web, both show differences


regarding the product. The advertisement displays a woman holding a snap-on ketchup


container with an expression of awe and amazement. At the bottom of the advertisement,


footnote says “You mean a woman can open it?” while the other advertisement shows a


container of Heinz with a bigger font in text and slogan, “No other ketchup tastes like


Heinz!” The two ads have differences regarding the particular audience targeted, different


feelings regarding the product and gender differences through gender advertising


portrayals within settings, ranking, age and status.


In terms of demographics, particularly sex targeting the particular audience of


women in context with the first ad versus the other ad that integrates the brand of the


product, Heinz ketchup. Also, the two texts in the ads are composed with the underlining


of woman and tastes. The second ad mentioned, font is large, adding that ‘tastes’, which


is expressed big in the color red represents the ketchup’s same color, persuasively selling


the product through the repetition of the brands name and color. This ad as well as the


other ad, stimulates the public viewer’s feelings in display within color, and text font’s,


context and size. The second ad conveys the attempt to buy the publics attention through


Daneshfar 2


the product’s slogan rather the other uses the image of a consumer taking up most of the


page and utilizing the product. This ad goes to buy the targeted audiences attention.


Therefore, in regards to the product, the ad correlates within context of the particular


audience targeted in display and in text used for the commodities of particularly women


to consume.


Gender advertising portray sex differences within setting, ranking, age and status.


The first ad, displays a woman in a domestic setting, cooking in a household


environment. Age differences portrayed in the ad depict a young woman in appearances


to glamorized hair, makeup and nails. Women model product types of food, and


household appliances. The woman holding the snap-on ketchup slightly seems as if she’s


about to open it, signifying a sense of reliance in the product’s hefty tool. These gender


advertising portrayals send messages that generalizes behaviors and actions in particular


publics of demographics included not only sex, but race, and class.


In conclusion, the two ads have differences regarding the particular audience


targeted, different feelings regarding the product and gender differences through gender


advertising portrayals within settings, ranking, age and status. The media portrayals of


women and men have social influences from media through gender differences and roles,


because the consumption of media that’s viewed almost everyday takes part in the


socialization process. Depending on social categories, such as sex, race and class media


messages and advertisements resonates differently into messages.









Design Cover-Advertisment for skydiving classes

Negin Daneshfar

May 15, 2016


The design cover theme is skydiving. The cover attracts a large audience, because it offers new deals to people that are interested and professional skydivers.

Skydiving sport fans are the target audience for Jump Start. One story idea is that it adds skydiving photographs in the magazine. The photographs of sky divers acrobatic moves provides pictures of different techniques or styles a skydiver uses. Jump Start as the heading sets a mood to turn to the next page. Another story idea includes class sessions offered to beginners on what and how to prepare for skydiving.

The design shows a skydiver and someone attached to him or her with the sky as the background. Continuation of the skydiver and the lines are in form of composition and shape to each other. A contrast between the clouds and horizon establish depth in the background, which shows the shadow of the person attached to the skydiver. The moment captured is implied, because it does not move the eye and the image and person’s still. Selectivity is a cognitive element shown in the cover design, because the middle of the picture with the skydiver captures the eye.

The spatiality and balance tie together between the composition and text positioned. Aligned in columns with each other, all subheads to texts fulfill space. Space was taken up through defining contrast and blending colors.

The headings font is size 60, Rockwell condensed at a wrap text- bulge justified in the center. The texts including the one at the bottom-right. Directly across, is justified to the left in text. Both have a font size of 30. On top, justified to the left includes the text, “Class sessions” at a font size of 48, and the texts font type is gills sans. The color of the heading blends with the dark blue at the top (behind the heading) and the cool colors in the background match to set mood. The color of the clouds are green and blue set at contrast and saturation. The size of the design cover is 7 by 8 and the artwork was found online; Google.

10 Trendy Fruit Flavor and Green Breakfast Smoothies

10 Best Breakfast Weight Loss Smoothies

By Negin Daneshfar

My 15, 2016


Trendy Top 10 Best Breakfast Smoothies


When going grocery shopping set new goals for a healthy diet plan and stay in aisles that include natural remedies to light fruit blends and all-combined green veggie smoothies for breakfast.


Make it yourself with a simple blender and throw in leftover greens from last night’s dinner salad to start fresh in the morning or on the run. Drink regularly to provide an alternative crave to leafy greens that keep our bodies moving.


The five most common resolutions are losing weight, getting organized, spending less and saving more, enjoying life to the fullest, and staying fit and healthy. Thirty-eight percent base resolutions on losing weight, according to the University of Scranton’s report.


According to New York Times Bestseller, 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith, toxins overload the body causing it to loss energy and burn off fat as well as high doses of calories. Energy can be used to burn fat once these toxins are depleted. Each day, it’s recommended to drink up to 60 ounces of green smoothies per day to get rid of excess fat cells in the body.


Hot Tip: Eat about 15 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbohydrates to keep off excess sugar which can lead to fat.


It is vital to eat healthy snacks about every three to four hours and eat regular meals, including breakfast to provide energy to the brain and to help prevent overeating. To stay in shape exercise lower’s stress levels and bad eating habits. It is highly recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes every 2 to 3 days of the week. Regular exercise builds muscle while reducing the excess fat we crave.


Nutritional planning on how to maintain a healthy diet and lose weight include replacing a large meal with healthy snacks, such as raw nuts and yogurt. Below are 10 trendy breakfast smoothies that contain high nutrients and antioxidants for high energy. Extra advice on how to maintain weight may include eating less high sugars and fats, which tend to lower energy and drinking more water and fluids.


Fluids prevent overeating and keep the body hydrated making us less hungry. For example, Gatorade as well as emergen-Z contains plenty of electrolytes, which include essential minerals and ions that energize the body during long workouts. Avoid trans fat, sugar and eat more rich foods.


Being on a diet of fewer than 800 calories a day for a long time may lead to serious heart problems, according to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.


The worst mistake is a lack of meal structure. Not consuming the nutrients needed causes less energy and a craving for high fats and high sugar to rebut the body. Replacing a meal with protein bars or snacks, such as breakfast smoothies are a great tool for losing weight.


Green smoothies have the nutrition of leafy greens and herbal medicines that contain high antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy carbohydrates, fiber and low fat whole food needed to help you lose weight quickly, safely and effectively without fasting, but through detoxification. Cleanse the body while reducing the cravings of bad foods with these 10 best smoothies below which provide a nutritional guideline to lose weight fast by simply using a blender at home.

A positive attitude with nutrient-extract powering of the NutriBullet can spark your metabolism and satiate your hunger thanks to the amazing power of these whole foods. These smoothies, or what we call Blasts when they’re made with the nutrient-extracting power of the NutriBullet, pack a nutritional punch that you’ll love. Pick a few and rotate off on favorites.

NutriBullet Drinks:

  1. Scrumptious Vanilla Shake Blast

Dessert for breakfast? Sign me up! This smoothie is packed with all-natural protein, which not only helps you feel full longer, but has been shown to aid in weight loss – helping you keep off those unwanted pounds!

  1. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Blast

Love is in the air – and so are antioxidants! Tons of flavor and antioxidant-rich cacao will fuel your body the minute you get out bed, for a surprisingly tasty start to your morning.



3) A common chocolate protein shake known as SlimFast makes a great breakfast smoothie after a long workout in replacement of a large meal it can set a new standard in today’s world of low nutrition and high stress. It includes (4g) dietary fiber, which helps prevent weight gain and keep it off. Fiber is a natural ingredient that supports the digestive system and filters excess wastes out the immune system, replacing it with antioxidants and natural minerals. These nutrients include vitamins essential to your health, protein, and potassium with calcium, iron.


Directions for Shake Mix with added fruit:

1 and a ½ SlimFast powder

Add 2 cups of fat free milk

OPTIONAL: Add 1 cup of frozen strawberries

OR Add 1 cup of frozen berries

½ cup of banana if wanted.


4) This is my favorite

Mango Berry Flave:

3 cups of mango orange juice

1/2 cup of frozen berries

½ cup of frozen strawberries

½ cup of frozen cranberries

Throw in lemon juice (about 1/3rd cup)

– Lemons have a good dose of antioxidants and Vitamin C also.

OPTIONAL: Add a slice of mango on the side.


5) Green Tang Smoothie: kiwi, spinach and avocado Kiwi includes Vitamin C and is good for skincare and the immune system and potassium for sodium balance with contents of the enzyme actinidain, which helps with the digestions of protein, according to Best Green Drinks Ever by Kathrine Van Wyk.

1 and ½ of coconut water (which hold the electrolytes rich in minerals)

1 cup spinach – (include Vitamin A,C, E, K. High in omega-3s, calcium and magnesium.

2 kiwis, peeled

½ avocado, peeled.

OPTIONAL: 1 cup of orange juice


6) Ginger Orange Green Smoothie Boost:

Ginger contains immune-boosting properties. Ginger is known for its anti-flammatory properties and is a great digestive aid, while the probiotics add healthy bacteria to the stomach.

1 cup of water

½ cup of spinach

½ cup of orange juice

And fresh ginger

OPTIONAL: banana can leave it with a tasty flavor.

Add all ingredients to the blender without ice. Add about 10 ice cubes after blending to enjoy!


7) Just Green Smoothie: Leftover salads make a start to a healthy diet and provide an alternative crave to greens that keep our bodies moving. Nutrient rich and whole food recipes are below:


1 cup of spinach

½ cup of parsley

½ cup of kale can add the ruffled mint leafs to the drink with Vitamin A, C and K.

½ cup of lettuce- that contains essential amino acids and levels of vitamin C, K and A.

OPTIONAL: 1 cup of berries or strawberries even to make a fruity drink.

OPTIONAL: Mustard green adds some spice (affective in lowering cholesterol, with a healthy dosage of niacin, riboflavin, magnesium and iron).

½ of coconut water

OPTIONAL: 1 cup of ice


Or go with

8) Sweet Spinach Smoothie
6 ounces plain nonfat Greek yogurt
2 cups spinach leaves, packed
1 ripe pear, peeled, cored, and chopped
15 green or red grapes
2 tablespoons chopped avocado
1 to 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice

Nutrition facts per smoothie: 316 calories, 21g protein, 52g carbohydrate, 6g fat (0.9g saturated), 9g fiber, 115mg sodium

PB&J Smoothie
4 ounces plain nonfat Greek yogurt
2 cups chopped fresh or frozen strawberries
1 frozen banana, chopped
2 teaspoons smooth peanut butter
1/2 cup ice

Nutrition facts per smoothie: 327 calories, 18g protein, 55g carbohydrate, 7g fat (1.4g saturated), 9g fiber, 94mg sodium

Tropical Morning Smoothie
6 ounces plain nonfat Greek yogurt
1/2 cup fresh or frozen mango chunks
1/2 cup fresh pineapple chunks
1 frozen banana, chopped
2 tablespoons ground flaxseed

Nutrition facts per smoothie: 368 calories, 22g protein, 60g carbohydrate, 7g fat (0.9g saturated), 9g fiber, 68mg sodium


9) Mexican Chocolate Banana Smoothie:

1 cup chocolate soy milk

½ cup silken tofu

1 cup shelled almonds, not skinned

½ cup chopped dark chocolate

2 tablespoons flaxseed oil

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

2 cups frozen banana slices.

2 tablespoons grated chocolate for garnish (optional)

OPTIONAL: 1 scoop of protein powder.

(Reference: “Super Smoothies 100 Recipes to supercharge your immune system,” by Ellen Brown with Karen Konopelski.)


10) Sesame papaya smoothie:

This next one, includes sesame seeds that contain a good source of Copper, which utilizes iron and protein fibers. It includes vitamin C-rich papaya in the smoothie.


1 cup chilled papaya nectar

½ cup silken tofu

1/3 cup tahini

2 tablespoons bee pollen

2 cups frozen diced papaya

4 papaya spears for garnish (optional)


Add even some papaya on the glass with a straw and mix for 20 seconds!


(Reference: “Super Smoothies, 100 Recipes to supercharge your immune system,” by Ellen Brown with Karen Konopelski.)


11) Carrot pineapple smoothie:

¾ cup chopped fresh pineapple

½ cup ice

1/3 cup fresh orange juice

¼ cup chopped carrot

½ banana

One medium carrot provides Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and includes even a little carrot cake. Enjoy a sweet flavor with these directions:


12)  Beet it juice:

Beets have soothing ingredients that hydrate you and reduce nausea and headache, and also includes fiber-rich ingredients with detoxifying greens to give a higher metabolism. Beets have high antioxidants and can pose as a wellness to the liver and heart. The purple pigment in beets is called betacyanin which helps increase the level of detoxifying enzymes in the body. This makes beet juice a great hangover blast and booster in the morning.

2 beets

1 lemon

1 and ½ inch slice fresh ginger

1 carrot

1 cup or 3 leaves kale (with stems)

OPTIONAL: (1/2 a cup of broccolis or a variety of brussels, sprouts, cabbage cauliflower, asparagus, red peppers or sweet potatoes.

Drink about one-third every three to four hours a day


According to, “Simple Green Smoothies” by Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner, a green smoothie keeps up to 48 hours in the fridge. Just shake your smoothie well before drinking and add a small amount of lemon juice to your blender. You can store up to 6  months, 1 month preferred.

Save Money for Your Cracked Smartphone: L.A. Venues

By Negin Daneshfar

May 15, 2016

Pulling out a smartphone only to watch it free fall onto the concrete is not a pretty picture — in fact, it’s probably one of the worst things a college student can witness.

Without a cover or case, it only takes one clumsy accident to break a phone or electronic device, regardless of how recently you bought it.

Danny Tamayo, 26, senior math major, felt his stomach do a summersault as his smartphone simultaneously dropped from his pocket and broke.

“I dropped my phone a few times before,” Tamayo said. “The last time I dropped my smartphone, I was walking and I tried to pick up my phone from out of my pocket. Because the phone was big and rectangular it slipped. Smartphones in general should have a grip and be made so that it fits the person’s hands. I didn’t think I would need a cover, because I didn’t think I would drop the phone. I’m about to buy a new phone so I probably will buy a cover.”

Tamayo bought his $100 phone from a vendor at the Northridge mall.

“I lost all of my contacts and I tried to import the data. I couldn’t do it with my old phone number, so it was terrible,” Tamayo said. “I had to research my email to find phone numbers of people and friends who I had known.”

Twenty-nine percent of cell phone users describe their cell phone as “something they can’t imagine living without,” according to a report from 2014 Pew Internet Research.

Dyonna Cannon, 20, sophomore family consumer science major, said she decided to buy a new smartphone instead of trying to fix her broken one after it rolled down a flight of stairs and shattered the screen. Fortunately, Cannon had an insurance plan with her carrier to replace her damaged phone.

“I was really mad because I (had) just got it a week before I dropped it down the stairs,” Cannon said. “At the time I didn’t think about buying a cover because I had just bought it.”

Research shows in total, users check their smartphones an average of 150 times during a waking day of 16 hours, according to the Daily News.

Phone repairs and instructions are now available on Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist or local vendors at inexpensive prices and has made fixing things yourself an easier option. Most of these parts are imported from other countries, where they are sold for $4 or less, according to Christian Anderson, 22, junior computer engineer major and Best Buy salesperson of Geek Squad.

At Best Buy, Anderson repairs and takes apart iPhones, iPads and other electronic devices to replace damaged parts and screens. It takes him about five minutes to repair an iPhone or tablet.

“We fix the parts and we get them in large numbers. We get the parts from our warehouse, (after they’ve) come from vendors, who get them from other countries at cheap prices,” Anderson said.

The piece of glass to replace the iPhone screen ranges from $30 to $50 and the tool kit is about $15 to buy on Amazon or from a vendor, said Anderson. Independent repair companies tend to charge less than cell phone companies, with prices often in the $100 and up range.

According to a report from 2014 Pew Internet Research, 90 percent of American adults have a cell phone and 50 percent of American adults have a smartphone.

In some cases, accident damage may be irreparable.

According to Anderson, if the frame, which includes all the hardware parts, to the device breaks then the device is not fixable and the glass cannot be replaced. In cases of water damage, internal problems with wireless hotspots are also unrepairable.

There are three major breakable components on the iPad and iPhone — the glass screen, frame and LCD screen. The LCD screen displays the picture and the frame is surrounded by two panels of glass.

According to Anderson, most iTouch devices do not have screws to easily open. In these cases, heat guns can be useful to melt the glue to separate the glass. It’s harder to repair devices made this way, because the heat can crack the glass.

“Once a person tries to fix their device themselves, the manufacturer warranty is voided,” Anderson said. “Our warranty is voided once the person starts tampering with it (after it’s been fixed).”

Ayriel Talbert, 20, junior psychology and sociology major, dropped her Samsung Galaxy S3 four times in one night walking with her friends. The first drop landed straight onto a rock and broke the whole screen.

“I sent an order through my phone insurance company and got a new phone,” Talbert said. “I kept asking my friends if I had really dropped my phone that many times. Now, every time I am walking I put it away or ask someone else to hold it when I’m doing something. I don’t carry my phone around anymore.”

Surveys show that three in four Americans bring their cell phones to the restroom in order to text, play games or surf the web. While 63 percent of people say they have answered the phone while using the bathroom, 41 percent say they have made calls while using the bathroom, the Pew Internet Research report found.

Talbert said her previous phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 fell from her back pocket into the toilet.

“It was quick. I sat down and it fell in the toilet. I took everything apart, including the battery and back off and placed the phone in a bucket full of rice,” Talbert said.

Fortunately, Talbert’s Samsung Galaxy S2 still worked and eventually she got an upgrade on her insurance plan a month later.

“Anything can happen, so it’s important to have a cover or a case to prevent breaking it,” Anderson said.